Why being able to let go is essential for growth

sometimes you will fail

sometimes you’ve given it all that you can and it doesn’t work out. that’s okay. that means that you were lucky enough to figure out what doesn’t work for you-and that’s awesome. we can’t be good at everything, and we can’t enjoy everything. for something or someone to be lucky enough to have a spot in your life-they/it should be not only something that feels right and works for you, but something that fills your life with joy and purpose.

the beauty in failure

society has this misconception that failure is bad, when in reality it just brings you one step closer to where you’re meant to be. there is this misconception that life is supposed to be a straight path where everything that happens will lead you directly to your next step but this is not life. life is like a meandering stream, ebbing and flowing as it figures out where it makes sense to travel to next.



learning from failure

when you fail it’s important to reflect on what went wrong. sometimes what went wrong for example could be that you chose a university degree that you aren’t really interested in. sometimes you choose to be with a partner that doesn’t fit your life goals. sometimes the failure is your lack of focus/stamina which means that you should have spent time building yourself up before attempting what it is you attempted. failure is not without cause, and cause does not equal fault but simply a step that was missing or a perspective you forgot about.

trusting yourself again

letting go of our failures is all about trust. trusting you’ve learned enough to not make the same mistakes. trusting that life will steer you in the correct direction this time. surrendering control of your life. this is where the art of letting go comes in, knowing when it’s time to paddle against the tide of life but also knowing when to surrender to the riptide. to really rediscover that trust try reflecting on your failure. the decisions that led you there, what happened, how you could have avoided it-and your emotions all along the way. along with this we recommend trying meditation and yoga to increase mindfulness. there are to many benefits of meditation and yoga to put in this article. lately i’ve been doing meditation to start my morning and yoga in the morning and at night and my mental state hasn’t been this good in a very long time. I would highly recommend trying an app like headspace for a first time meditator, and for yoga hit up a local studio to get a feeling for what yoga is and eventually if you want you can bring your practice home.


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