Tribes-Why We Need Them And How To Find Yours

Why Do We Need A Tribe?

Homo Sapiens are a young species, we’re only about 200,000 years old-which is incredibly young if you consider the fact that JellyFish have been around for approximately 550 million years! So why, and how did we evolve so quickly to climb the food chain to the top and dominate the world in a way that no other species has?

The answer is simple. Power in numbers. The fact that overwhelmingly so 1+1 is so much greater than 1 and 1 individually. On top of that if you consider the fact that we exist in cities comprising of millions of people and have networks such as this one here where we can interact with people anywhere at any given it makes sense that we have become so incredibly strong as a species.

So tribes have a huge-if not the most important role in our development as a species.

Unfortunately, our modern societies have not developed to support community oriented lifestyles (more similar to a tribal life). We move through our days alone-even though we are constantly surrounded by people-and the beautiful thing about this is that it’s actually much easier to find a tribe than you’d think.

How To Find Your Tribe

Self Reflection
When was the last time you really sat down with yourself and asked how it’s going? Maybe you should do this more! The most beautiful friendship we can foster is the one with yourself. Be your own best friend, be gentle and honest with yourself. Ask yourself: How’s it going? ; What’s going really well? ; What’s not going so well? ; What makes you really happy? ; What’s holding you back

Identify Your Values
Key word : YOUR. A lot of people list their values without actually considering what they’re saying because you’ve been told what they should be. No one can identify your values other than you so this takes some thought. Maybe you really value being in nature? Maybe you value eating healthy? Helping animals, being active, having down time every day – everyone is different. You should unapologetically be you-that’s what make you so beautiful.

Use Your Values to Guide You To Something You’re Passionate About
This part is really fun. You can do this however works for you-but I find what works really well is creating a mind map. First write down your core values. Next try to connect when with common interests that would incorporate as many values as possible. See if you can find things that involve all of your values-and watch as your map grows.

Abandon Any Judgement
In order to really find your tribe you must leave all judgement at the door. The world is full of beautiful people, places and things you can do-but if you say ‘that’s just not me’ then it never will be you-this is the power of thought.

Try New Things
Pick 3-5 of your beautiful ideas you’ve discovered and try them. Actually putting yourself in the environment and fully immersing yourself is the only way to figure out whether or not it’s for you.

Connect With Your Tribe (Ah, the beauty of the internet)
There is literally a group for everything on Facebook. Find your tribe, figure out where they are and what they’re doing and make sure to say YES more often than you say NO.

Choose Happiness
At this point-you’ve already done that.

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