Spotlight on Yoga: Introduction to Pranayama

Do you feel you lack energy no matter what you do?
Is it difficult for you to concentrate on one thing at a time?
Do you struggle with depression, anxiety,  insomnia or any other form of hormone related mental illness?
Do you have digestive problems, respiratory or circulatory problems? 

Pranayama might be the school of yoga missing in your life.

Pranayama is the school of yoga that deals with control of the vital energy of the body. In Yogic Study it’s believed that the vital energy can be controlled through the breath.

Pranayama has given me so much. It’s helped me deal with anxiety, depression and just stress in general. Along with this I have more energy, am happier, more outgoing and my physical health has improved as I feel my digestive system, respiratory and circulatory systems are functioning better.

It goes further than me. Thousands of people have reported that their daily lives have drastically improved since introducing Pranayama to their lives.

Pranayama is a simple way to dive into a yoga school that is not only concerned with the physical body (Annamaya Kosha). Pranayama is a direct way to control your life force (Pranamaya Kosha) which is a form of indirect control of your mind.  Yes – control of your mind. Forget any ‘mind control’ stuff you have seen in the media-I’m simply talking about WILL POWER, COURAGE, and MENTAL FORTITUDE.

You deserve to feel happy, you deserve to sleep better, you deserve to love fully, and breathe easily.

Try this beginner style of Pranayama as an introduction to this ancient Yogic School.

DISCLAIMER change does not happen over night! You must work for it. Incorporate this into your life every day (morning and night) for 2 weeks and keep a journal of your stress levels as well as your physical and mental pain-observing the gradual change.

Ujjayi Pranayama

  1.  First: sit in a meditative position that is comfortable for you – like Padmasana (lotus pose) with eyes closed and an erect spine.
  2. Second: take a long and deep breath – as slowly as you can in through your nose. While you breathe in try to contract your throat and feel the air in it-you will hear it as the air caresses your throat.

    Notice: allow your breath to be light and relaxed – remember you aren’t forcing the air in, and aren’t forcing your throat to contract-it should be relaxed and comfortable.

    • Third: without holding the breath, breathe out through your nostrils as slowly as possible-still constricting the throat.

      Notice: exhalation should take almost twice the time of your inhalation,  exhalation should also make a noise similar to the noise you might make when trying to fog up a mirror – but you must be patient, it will come with time.

      Benefits of Ujjayi ( to think about while practicing – one at a time of course): build in internal body heat, increase in % of Oxygen in blood as Carbon Dioxide is eliminated, relieves tension, allow prana (energy) to flow freely, regulates blood pressure, regulates breath throughout the day, detoxifying for mind and body, increases feelings of presence, self-awareness and meditative feelings. 




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