The Yogi Fighter

Hey guys! This will be my first blog on this new site–and I’m super excited about it!!


My name’s Laura, I’ve been working on starting a blog for a while and I think this one will be the one! I’ve struggled with finding a place where I can honestly connect with you and talk about what I’m doing, how I’m growing and how you can do similar stuff. Not saying I know everything – by any means! But honestly I’m kind of like my own personal human guinea pig – constantly trying new things, seeing how they feel and work and then itching for the next thing.


So recently I tried Muai Thai fighting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Both are super awesome – and my partner has tried them with me! Adam loves Jiu Jitsu because it’s kind of like human chess. I personally love both but am currently focusing on Muai Thai because I find it to be a more intense workout and I love the rush of endorphins I get from it.
So. I’m focussing on Muai Thai. It literally kicks my ass. I mean I puked the first 5 classes that I went to from exertion. So if you’re looking to get in shape – I would 100% recommend trying it! BUT something I’ve also been focussing on is my yoga practice. Every morning and night I try and get some yoga in. Some times that literally means 5 minutes of yoga and sometimes I can do up to an hour.


Yoga is so great because it really centres you, feels good for your muscles and sets you up to face your day and kill it. Obviously doing yoga has become a trend but I think the biggest part of yoga – beyond the physical benefits is how in touch with yourself you become.


Now being someone that suffers from crippling anxiety- I can tell you this mixed practice has benefited me so much. Maui thai allows me to physically push myself beyond what I think I can do and benefit from the incredible endorphins from cardiovascular exercise provides you. Yoga brings me down, helps me breathe, become more mindful and get in touch with myself. So these two kind of work together in a yin-yang fashion, complementing each other and helping me maintain balance.


I would recommend this combo to anyone struggling to find balance and control in their life!!

Anyways. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

This was my first blog post – AH – exciting.

Laura 🙂