My Philosophy For Life

There is no singular philosophy. 

Anyone who tells you that you HAVE to stick to one thing-and that will be your thing is wrong.

Don’t get me wrong – I think focus is amazing, and if you have something that you’re SOO passionate about you could do it forever then KUDOS! That’s amazing-most people won’t find something their so in love with that they’ll want to do it forever-and that’s okay too.


It’s okay to switch your direction.

It’s okay to pivot.

It’s okay to change your mind.

It’s not always easy – it can be entirely viscerally painful, but it’s often worth it. 


I’m coming to you with this perspective as someone who first studied Biology for two years, leading into Geophysics for another year and a half – to take a break from school to focus on raising money for the UNHCR for the international refugee crisis – leading into dropping out of school this semester, buying plane tickets to Cambodia with a plan to learn the philosophy and lifestyle of the ancient practice of yoga.

What the hell — right? 


I fought against the current that my life is for so long, thinking that my impulsivity was wrong and that being who I am and acting how I wanted would only steer me in a bad direction-but it’s not wrong because it’s so intensely me. I am impulsive, and I am constantly searching out new things in the search for who I am. I’m intensely interested in learning about science, the world, arts, history, humans… I could go on forever and I think that this interest fuels my desire to constantly explore and PIVOT – even if it burns me out to some extent.


So-I leave on Monday, for a month. I’m venturing to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I will be learning all aspects of traditional holistic authentic yoga including Yoga Therapy, Raja Yoga (Patanjali’s Astanga and Hatha), Karma Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga and Jnana Yoga. It’s taught according to ancient scriptures with modern medical/scientific explanations.


It’s exciting, it’s beautiful and honestly it’s completely terrifying.
Sometimes in life you have to blindly jump in, this might sound completely crazy to some but listening to that gut intuition will lead you on the right path.


I was studying, yesterday-and all day long throughout my classes and studies all I could think was ‘I dislike this’, ‘this isn’t for me’, ‘why am i doing this’-and it suddenly clicked. Anything that wires my brain in such a negative way is wrong for me. Your life, and the events in your life that you partake in should be uplifting. Your main focus should be beautifying and bring you peace. Do not rob yourself of happiness in this moment because of happiness promised later down the road. Because the road turns and twists, there is road work and many stop lights and it may take you your entire life to reach the destination. That is the thing. The road is the destination. Make sure the road – or path – you’re on is a beautiful one. It should lift you up- do not deprive yourself of happiness in this moment.


More to come soon – with love,

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